About Professor Luo


Date & Place of Birth: October 1977, Henan, China

Work Address: Center of Basic Molecular Sciences, Tsinghua University

Phone: +86-(0)10-6278-1395

E-mail: luosz@tsinghua.edu.cn



1995.9-1999.7: B.Sc.Zhengzhou University

1999.9-2002.7: M.Sc.Department of Chemistry, Nankai University

2002.9-2004.3: Ph.D.Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2004.3-2005.4: Visiting scholar The Ohio-State University, USA ( P. G. Wang)

2009.1-2009.9: Visiting scholar Stanford University, USA (with B. M. Trost)



2005.7: Assistant Professor, ICCAS

2007.10-2011.5: Associate Professor and Principal Investigator, ICCAS

2011-2017: Professor, ICCAS

2017-present: Professor, Tsinghua University



2018: Innovation Leading Scholar, National Ten-thousands Program

2017: POC Youth Award of Chinese Chemical Society

2016: Chiral Youth Award of Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)

2014: National May 4th Youth Medal (“Wu Si” Medal)

2014: Innovation Award for Teaching, ICCAS

2013: Excellence in Research and Management, CAS Beijing Division

2012: National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals

2012: Thieme Journal Award

2011: elected President of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS (2013, re-elected)

2011: Asia Core Program Lectureship

2010: National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar

2009: Lu Jiaxi Young Scientist Award of the Chinese Academy of Science

2008: Young Chemist Award of the Chinese Chemical Society

2007: Rising Star of Science and Technology Research in Beijing